Available Support

Twelve months support is included in the purchase price of Access Anaesthetics. Thereafter an annual fee will be charged for technical support and updates. See our pricing page for more information.


What does the support subscription include?

  • Regular program updates incorporating new features, changes to billing practices, bug fixes, at least 2 per year.

  • MBS and ASA RVG items updates, at least 2 per year.

  • Private health fund schedule updates, at least 2 per year, usually more.

  • Unlimited email support, usually within 24 hours.

  • Telephone support up to 2 hours per year. Additional support attracts an hourly fee.

  • Regular email bulletins for important information and notification of updates.

  • Updates are usually provided on our website for instant access, or we can send floppy disks if you prefer. An additional annual fee will be levied for disk updates, payable at the time of subscription renewal.

  • Not included – lengthy or extra-frequent telephone support, remote access via modem/Internet, site visits. These attract additional charges at an hourly rate.

How do I obtain support?


We prefer to receive support enquiries by email. This gives you a chance to fully describe the situation, and gives us a chance to work through the problem and develop a solution. This is often faster than talking to us in the first place, because in many cases we need to try to duplicate the problem before devising a fix or work-around. Email is the best way to resolve non-critical issues and to provide background information for telephone support.


Additional pay-per-use support 

To reduce the annual support cost, modem and on-site support is not included in the annual support plan. These can be provided however on a pay-per-use basis. This will be charged at our standard hourly rate.


Please call (02) 9398 5501 or indicate in your email the best day and time for us to call you. We can call you outside business hours if required. Voice messages may be left when the office is unattended and we will return your call as soon as possible. 


Users of the Demonstration version


Reasonable support will be provided by email, fax or telephone on installation, setup and general getting started issues. It is expected that users will refer to the training resources to learn to use the system and extensive training support is not generally provided. However, we will provide limited training assistance by email, fax or telephone at our discretion.




To help reduce costs, no personal training is included in the purchase price of Access Anaesthetics and it is up to the individual user to learn how to operate the system to best advantage. To assist with this training, the system includes a number of resources:

  • a comprehensive on-line Windows Help file
  • a continuously updated FAQ on our website 
  • additional material posted on our website from time to time

If you prefer, we can come to your office to provide individual on-site training at our standard hourly rate of payment. At present this service is only available for Sydney locations. Contact us for further details.


We provide a range of support options to assist you in using the Access Anaesthetics software.   Please select the support you require from the list below.

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