Access Anaesthetics Prices
All prices include 10% GST
Initial price
Annual subscription fee (after first 12 months)
 N/A (fully functional - create up to 25 accounts - no time limit)
Single user
$ 2850
 $ 900
Multiple user
2 – 5
$ 5700
$ 1800 first computer, $ 444 each additional networked computer
Unlimited user
$ 8550
$ 3200 first computer, $ 444 each additional networked computer

Prices are effective from January 2019.

The single user version may only be used for a single service provider. The multi-user version may be used for multiple providers associated with a single billing group. The software is licensed to one anaesthetic practice and is not transferable to another practice. Software users are bound by the following TERMS and CONDITIONS OF USE and the Healthbase Privacy Policy.


Annual Support Subscription


The initial purchase price includes updates and technical support for the first 12 months. The annual support fee is not due until the end of the first 12 months. A current subscription is required to obtain software updates and support.


For group practices with a computer network (multiple or unlimited versions), the annual support fee is increased by $444 for each additional networked PC. For example, the annual fee for a 4 computer practice, unlimited provider version, would be 3200 + (3 x 444) = 4532. (In practice, the per PC fee is calculated as $37 per PC per month.)


Individual members of a group practice may maintain a personal read-only 'satellite' copy of Access Anaesthetics for an annual fee of $380.


Annual Support Includes …

  • Regular program updates incorporating new features, changes to billing practices, bug fixes.
  • MBS and ASA RVG items updates.
  • Private health fund schedule updates.
  • Unlimited email support.
  • Free telephone support up to 2 hours per year. Additional support attracts an additional charge, currently $200 ph.
  • Regular email bulletins for important information and notification of updates.
  • Updates are available from within the software using the Web Update function. Or we can send CDs if you prefer. An additional annual fee of $75 will be levied for CD updates, payable at the time of subscription renewal.
  • Not included – telephone support over 2 hours per year, remote access via modem/Internet, site visits. These attract additional charges, currently $200 ph.
On-Site or Remote Installation
  • $200.00 per hour (additional travel costs may apply).
  • The purchase price does not include on-site installation or training.
  • Installation of the single user version on one PC is normally a simple process which can be performed by a computer novice in a short time. Site visits or remote support are rarely needed.
  • Installation of a networked version on multiple computers may take up to 2 hours depending on the hardware and software environment.

On-Site or Remote Training 


$200.00 per hour - individual or group training on site (additional travel costs may apply).

To reduce costs, training is not included in the purchase price. The system is easy to learn and use, and we provide the following resources to assist:

  • an easy-to-install, fully-functional trial version, available before purchase
  • comprehensive built-in help file
  • on-line manual and additional information on our website
  • unlimited email support

Additional Technical Support

  • Reasonable telephone support is included. We keep a log of telephone support (date, time, issues discussed) and charge a fee where the total over a 12 month period is more than 2 hours.
  • Remote access support via the Internet is also available at our standard hourly rate.
  • Site visits for technical support are charged at our standard hourly rate.

Remote access on our Virtual Server


We also offer a fully hosted system on our virtual server. This can be accessed from any Windows PC or Mac and frees you from the risks of data loss on your own PC. Click here for more details.


Setup fee Annual subscription (after first 12 months)
Single user
$ 1850 $   900
Multiple user
2 – 5
$ 3700 $ 1800
Unlimited user
$ 5600 $ 3200
User account (one account is required for each user requiring access to the server simultaneously) $   450


Update Policy


Access Anaesthetics is a dynamic system and program changes are regularly made to incorporate new features and to update billing processes according to industry requirements. Updates to the Medicare and RVG schedules that affect anaesthetists will be provided in good time, usually prior to the effective date. We make every attempt to provide timely updates for all the private health fund schedules. However, the funds can be very tardy in providing us with changes to their schedules, and they can change them at any time without notice. When we become aware of a new or updated fund schedule, we can usually incorporate it into an Access Anaesthetics update within a few days.


For program changes, there is a trade off between timely updates and exhaustive testing and, consequently, program bugs will sometimes appear. We always correct significant problems as soon as possible and will quickly notify you of any issues that may affect your billing practice. The software is provided, as is, and support for program bugs is considered to be part of the standard support program.

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