Eclipse Registration

You must register with Medicare Australia for Online Claiming. You need to complete some forms as described on Medicare's Register for online business page. They will send you a Site certificate on a CD, and a password for this a few days later. The following links go directly to the specified form (pdf format). If the links don't work, the forms may have been updated and you should see the Register for online business page.


For each site sending claims...

  • Application for a Site Certificate (required for any site sending online claims - single doctor or group)
  • If you are a practice manager registering for a group you will need to complete a referee form. If you are a doctor with a provider number, you don't need a referee form.

For each doctor sending claims...

To complete the forms you will also need an 8 character Location ID that we provide. We may have already sent this to you. If not, please contact us. On the forms this may be referred to as a Minor Customer ID.


If you need help with this, contact the Medicare eBusiness Service Centre on 1800 700 199. They can assist you to complete the required forms and process them.

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