Eclipse is available now in Access Anaesthetics. This enables electronic transmission of claims via the internet.

Paperwork and mailing is eliminated and payments are made in days rather than weeks. Medicare Online claiming (which includes Eclipse) can be used for the following claim types - bulk bill, patient claims, DVA, no-gaps and known-gaps. 


Medicare maintains a webpage showing the real-time status of Eclipse functions for all participating funds. For general information on Eclipse, see the Australian Government Department of Human Services website. A comprehensive guide on using online claiming and Eclipse is available on this page (the 'Medical and eligibility user guide for medical practitioners').


The steps required to get Eclipse running are ...

  1. Register with Medicare Australia.

  2. Install some Medicare files.

  3. Set up Access Anaesthetics.

More comprehensive instructions are given in the Eclipse Online Manual or the User Manual - PDF


Hospital provider numbers are required for all Eclipse claims. We have compiled a list of Australian hospitals and their provider numbers in this Excel spreadsheet. This was compiled from details obtained from the Aust Govt Dept of Health and Aging in Sept 2016.


Once you receive it, you can also use your Eclipse location certificate to log onto Medicare's HPOS website and check patient Medicare numbers. Installation instructions are given in this PDF document.

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