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No more tables! No more spreadsheets! No more long hand cost calculations! Get rid of time-consuming and fiddly paperwork. RosterCoster makes rostering a breeze. Perfect for NUMs who need to control their department's staffing and budget.
System Overview
RosterCoster assists the development of a complete fortnightly roster using staff and shift lookup tables. Allowances may be designated for each shift worked. The number of staff rostered for morning, afternoon and night shifts may be quickly determined as well as the number of staff still required. The roster may be printed in several formats to provide staff with appropriate working documents. Staff, shift, allowance and award data may be easily modified. Costs can be calculated during development of the roster so that the consequences of shift changes can be quickly seen. Cost data is stored indefinately to facilitate long-term accounting.

RosterCoster 2.5 Features

Creating Rosters

Managing Staff Requirements

Printing Rosters

Calculating Costs

Data File Functions

What RosterCoster Won't Do

Money Back Guarantee
If for any reason this product fails to meet your expectations, the original disks and documentation may be returned with 3 months of purchase for a full refund.

Free Upgrade to Version 3
If you purchase RosterCoster Version 2.5, you will automatically receive a free upgrade to Version 3 which will incorporate on-line help and other enhancements.

System Requirements
PC with 386 or higher processor
6MB RAM (8MB recommended)
Hard disk with at least 2 MB free space (MS Access already installed)
Windows 3.1, Windows 95 or Windows NT
Microsoft Access Version 2 (requires approximately 20 MB hard disk space)
VGA or higher resolution monitor
Mouse or other Windows-compatible pointing device
Further Information and Technical Support
Supplier: HealthBase Pty Ltd
Contact: Owen Jenkins
Mail: PO Box 714, Randwick, NSW 2031
Tel: (02) 9341 7792
Fax: (02) 9341 7792

Order FormProduct: RosterCoster Version 2.5
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How did you first hear about RosterCoster?

Price: $1050.00

Includes: Single user installation of RosterCoster Version 2.5 (3.5 inch disk format)
User manual

Free on-site installation and introductory demonstration can be arranged if desired.

Individual and group on-site training can be arranged. Call to discuss your requirements.

Please include cheque for payment made out to HealthBase Pty Ltd. If not including payment with your order, please include a copy of the institutional purchase order or requisition and the name, address and contact numbers of the person or department responsible for payment. Telephone, fax and email orders will also be accepted for approved customers. HealthBase Pty Ltd can also supply Microsoft Access at competitive rates if required.

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